Selling Your Colorado Home

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There’s no other way to put it: we know how to help your home sell fast – and at the best price! Armed with insider knowledge on Parker neighborhoods, unmatched negotiation skills, and our extensive network, White Buffalo Realtors knows how to make the selling process a breeze.   

Our Process

From gauging your home’s value to conducting proper marketing techniques to get the word out about your property, selling a home can get complicated. Lucky for you, our dedicated team knows the ins and outs of this process like the back of our hand.

Developing a Pricing Strategy

With our insider-knowledge of the Parker, Castle Rock, and Southern Denver Metro Area real estate markets, we’ll prepare a comparative market analysis, discuss your home-sale goals, and determine the optimal listing price for your property based on current market conditions.

Prepping Your Home

Here’s where we start getting your property looking its best. It’s truly amazing what a fresh coat of paint combined with some repairs can do to help your home stand out from the pack! In addition, we’ll also discuss in-person and virtual staging of your home, complete listing documents and disclosures, and take professional photos.

Getting the Word Out

We know what people want and how to grab their attention. Whether it be a well-designed email marketing newsletter, direct mail pamphlet, website listings, social media marketing materials (or a combo of all four), we’ll get the word out about your property. In addition, we’ll arrange for showings, open houses, and more.

Sealing the Deal

We’re almost at the finish line! At this point, we’ll evaluate and negotiate price offers, facilitate inspections, coordinate closing dates and times, and follow-up on last minute details before closing the sale.

Who Do We Serve?

We’ve helped people sell all different kinds of homes, but we specialize in helping our sellers like these:

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Relocating Professionals

We’re talking about YOU, military personnel, relocating healthcare professionals,  and airline employees! We understand how difficult it can be to sell your home while also juggling tight, inflexible deadlines. Rest assured we will communicate with you from beginning to end so we can make the sale as easy and efficient as possible.

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Transitioning Home Owners

As life goes on, priorities shift. Kids move away, retirement inches nearer, stairs can become a bit difficult to take on – or maybe you and your partner just need a change of scenery! Whatever the case, we can help you sell your home efficiently and at a great price so you can start your next chapter off on the right foot.  

Our Promise

We are dedicated to being a lifelong resource for our clients. We pride ourselves on being a reliable partner before, during, and after the real estate process. At the end of the day, what’s most important to us is that you efficiently and effectively sell your property at the best price.

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